Section 7 of CIPPE form (Parent re-Certification form)

Document link: Section 7 of CIPPE 

Instructions: This form is required by the PIAA as part of the CIPPE document(s). Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should fill out the form indicating that no medical history or contact information has changed since they have submitted the original CIPPE paperwork. If your child has sustained an injury since the original physical was obtained, the treating physician of that injury will need to complete section 8 of the CIPPE form.  Parents/ Guardians can complete the Section 7 form one of two ways no more than 6 weeks prior to the start of Winter and/or Spring sports seasons.

Option 1- Download the form using the link above, print it out, fill out the form, scan and upload it to your child’s Healthy Roster account similar to how section 6 was uploaded. You will select the “+” icon under the document section and the Document type should be listed as “CIPPE section 7”

Option 2- Parents/Guardians will need to log on to their Healthy roster account using a web browser at Select documents under your child’s profile and then select the “+ upload a Document” icon. Select CIPPE Section 7 in the drop down menu for document type and you will then be prompted to fill out the document electronically. ***Please Note that you will need to still add you child’s signature to this form in order for it to be marked as “completed”***

If you have any questions please reach out to our Athletic Trainer, Ryan Johnson.