Concussion Management

-Concussion Management


If a student-athlete is suspected of having or has been diagnosed with a concussion, please refer to the following information to guide you through the treatment and Return To Play (RTP) process.

  1. As per The Safety in Youth Sports Act and Franklin Regional School Policy, any student-athlete suspected of having or diagnosed with a concussion must be examined by a licensed physician and/or a neuro-psychologist trained in the evaluation and management of concussion.
  2. Copies of any Academic/Activity modifications obtained from the treating physician’s office must be turned into the athletic trainers and the nurse.
  3. Post-Concussion Testing can be completed at the high school at the request of the treating physician.
  4. A multistage gradual exertion program should be completed prior to full participation. This program should include the following levels: mild, moderate and heavy aerobic exertion, light contact(if appropriate), and a full practice.
  5. Click here for a Concussion Informational Handout

AHN Concussion Handout

Baseline Testing Information

The Avonworth School District utilizes the C3 Logix System to manage concussions our athletes sustain. A one-on-one assessment is performed every 2 years using an iPad providing reliable and objective measurements of postural stability, working memory, reaction time and visual acuity to guide our physicians and athletic trainers in the treatment of our student-athletes.

Baseline testing is required to participate in a school sponsored contact/collision sport at Avonworth School District. It is only one tool available to determine return to play following a concussion. A licensed physician and our athletic trainers will take a variety of factors into consideration when returning an athlete to play following a concussion.

C3Logix Baseline testing is available to all athletes. Contact our certified athletic trainer to schedule a convenient time for testing.

Impact Baseline testing is no longer offered at the school; however it is offered at the following locations:

UPMC Sports Medicine: 412-432-3681

Pediatric Alliance: 412-364-5834

If an athlete had a baseline concussion test done elsewhere, we will need a copy of the current concussion test for our files (which can not be older than 2 years). Please bring a copy to the Athletics Office or it can be uploaded to your child’s Healthy Roster profile.