Avonworth Athletic’s COVID-19 Parental Compliance Form

Parental Compliance Form


Please download, print, and sign the Parental Compliance Form per the Avonworth return to athletics policy. Once the form is completed it should be uploaded to your child’s Healthy Roster profile under the “documents” section. The most convenient way to upload this document is by utilizing the healthy roster mobile app to add the document to your child’s profile. Under the documents section click on the “+” icon in the top right corner of your mobile device. The document type should be “Other” and you can then name the file “Parental Compliance Form”. Click “select file” icon, from there you can either scan the document using your camera on your smartphone (preferred) or take a a photo of the document using your camera on your smartphone. Once you are done select “Done scanning or upload” and the document should be available in under the documents section of your child’s profile.