Antelopes News · How to contact a coach with any questions you might have

Below is a list, by season, of our current coaches.  If you have a question about a particular sport, please contact the contact the coach via email.

Athletic Trainer – Ryan Johnson

Fall Sports

Football, varsity – Duke Johncour

Football, JV – Mike Murray         

Football, 7/8 – Ed Kurtz – or  Dan Zangaro –

Soccer, boys varsity – Tom Angell

Soccer, girls varsity – JC Mahen   or Emil Erhart –

Soccer, boys 7/8 – Bill White         or Jesse Wells

Soccer, girls 7/8 – Kate Potter – or Morgan Waddell

Cross Country, varsity – Jason Smith

Cross Country, middle school – Steve Tinker

Volleyball, girls varsity – John Skarupa               

Golf – Todd Gobble                           

Cheerleading, varsity– Brittney Livesay

Cheerleading, JV – Megan Campedel


Girls basketball, varsity-Frank Halloran OR Jana Phillips

Girls basketball, 7/8 – Kelly Hansen OR Julie Tullar

Boys basketball, varsity – Mike Mancuso

Boys basketball, 7/8-M Murray OR B Zangaro

Wrestling, varsity – Tim Giel      

Wrestling, Jr. High – Darion Trimmer

Hockey –  Scott Purcell

Swimming, varsity                Jesse mcKelvey

Bowling, varsity – Dan Simkins


Volleyball, girls 7/8    Doug Vandervort 

Baseball, varsity – Christ Bardakos

Baseball, JV  – Joseph Manning

Baseball, middle school – Anthony Casciato

Softball, varsity – Jenna Muncie  

Softball, middle school  – Bill Kuban

Track & Field, high school – Brian Hoffman OR B Veshio

Track & Field, middle school – Steve Tinker

Swimming, 7/8 – Terry Benson