Antelopes News · Post Season Play and Sportsmanship



Dear Parents and Fans,

The Avonworth fall sports teams are enjoying tremendous success on the courts and fields this fall and you, our parents and fans, are a large reason why.  We are blessed to be part of a community that truly cares and desires nothing but the best for our students.

Our parents provide unending support to their children, the other children on the team, the booster groups and the coaches through the time and money they commit to the sports and activities their children pursue.  Our fans show up in droves to root on the Antelopes and our many sponsors give generously to support the teams with items that the school cannot provide.  We are very thankful for that support!

Unfortunately, in many communities across the WPIAL, state and nation, poor sportsmanship is running rampant and is becoming the norm rather than the exception.  Fortunately for us, we have had only a few instances of such behavior in the ten years I have been a part of the district.  That is the reason why I am reaching out to you.  In order to maintain the high level of sportsmanship that the Avonworth School District and its athletics teams have become known for, I am asking that you take a moment to reflect on things that you have said or your actions in the past and see if there is something that you may need to change.  Please talk to your fellow parents and fans in the stands about positive ways to interact with people and players from other schools and perhaps most importantly, the officials on the field.

Officiating is a very difficult job.  It is estimated that 25% of football officials and 40% of soccer officials will not return to the fields next year.  The reasons for this are varied but the number one reason stated is the verbal abuse they get during and after games from fans, players, parents and coaches.  Officials have become involved in this capacity because many of them love the sport they officiate and want to give back in a tangible way to a sport that has helped to shape them as people.

Sportsmanship is a necessity and an expectation in the Avonworth School District.  I encourage you to be the fan in the stands that is positive and supportive of all that are involved in the sport you are watching.  The National Federation of High School (NFHS) has put out an excellent video called, “The Parents Seat.”  It is seven minutes long and is well worth the time to watch it.  You can watch it at the following link:

Thank you for all the support you show our student-athletes and coaches.  Keep showing your Antelope Pride and continue to make Avonworth Athletics something to be proud of!