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Letter to Parents/Adult and all Spectators

As we prepare for the upcoming season, it is an appropriate time to review the goals of our program as they relate to sportsmanship. As an educational institution, Avonworth High School is committed to teaching our students to set goals, strive for excellence, and to properly handle whatever adversity they encounter along the way. The aim is the same in the classroom as it is on the playing field. The greatest challenge to good sportsmanship is adversity. When things are not going well the easy response is to shift the blame. In particular, to shift it away from ourselves to our opponents, or, more often, to the officials. When this is done, the focus is away from the positive, “to play harder or better,” to the negative, “how can we possibly overcome the bad calls.” As teacher/coaches we feel it is essential that our athletes maintain a positive approach to handling adversity. We need the support of our parents and other adults, as role models, if we are to accomplish this.

At times last year some parents and other adults became quite vocal at games and loudly criticized game officials, opponents and our coaches. This type of abusive behavior is counterproductive to what we are trying to teach. In addition, it creates a very uncomfortable environment for the fans that come to support their team and wish to enjoy the game. We are asking all our fans to keep comments positive and supportive of the players, coaches and officials.

As a school we are assigned game officials that are deemed competent. They take tests, attend meetings and do a number of other activities to keep themselves abreast of the rules of the sport they are officiating. They are not perfect and some are better than others, however, they are an essential part of the game, and are doing the best they can. Let’s strive to pay less attention to their performance and more to the superb skills of our athletes. Let’s come out this year and cheer on our teams.

As the seasons progress if you have any concerns please feel free to contact the athletic office.


Thank you and

“Go Lopes”

Timothy K. Giel M.S., A,T.,C.,LAT,CAA


Athletic Director

Avonworth School District

412.847.0942 (O)